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Future Men of Distinction (FMOD)

We extend the opportunity to middle school or high school age males to participate in our Future Men of Distinction (FMOD)  enrichment/mentoring program 2016-2017.

Rhodes Jordan Park Community Center
100 E Crogan Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Ages: 11-19 / Gender: Male / Cost: Free

Contact Person: Wesley Williams

The program focuses on four (4) areas of development…

Academic Development
● Goal Setting ● Study Skills ● Tutoring● High School/College Preparation ● Learning Strategies ●Future Aspirations

Leadership Development
● Leadership Training ● Public Speaking● Political Consciousness ● Voter Registration / Education

Personal Development
● Communication Skills ● Self-Discipline ● Conflict Resolution
● Time Management ● Health & Hygiene ● *Male Sexuality / Responsibility

Social Development
● Cultural Enrichment ● Etiquette
● Self-Esteem ● Historical Perspectives ● Leisure Activities